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About the breeder

I breed chinchillas under the name of StreamMeadow's, which is a translation of my last name. I've chosen to breed sapphires and sapphire ebonies. The colour resembles standard but has a more bluish tone to it. I like crystal clear, white bellies but I also like wrapped colours and therefore I wanted to breed sapphire ebonies as well.

My chinchilla hobby began in 2005 as I happened to see a picture of a chinchilla. Later in 2005 I got my first chinchilla, Kingis Jekku, and we started going to the shows. My interest for being a pet judge kept growing so I began practising to become one.  In 2008 I finally got my license for that.

At first I didn't think I could become a breeder, but I found myself thinking about it quite often,
and after years of pondering I decided to apply for the name. 
The name StreamMeadow's was accepted in April 2009.

About my breeding & principles

First of all I find raising chinchillas and breeding them as two separate things. When you raise chinchillas, you just get litters, but breeders try to improve the quality of chinchillas. I think, that official breeders are there to improve the quality of the colour, fur etc. It's not always easy trying to accomplish this and you may have to wait for a certain colour for several generations. 

I won't breed by putting two sapphires together. First the two sapphires are bred to standards after which the two sapphire carriers can be bred. You'll get results slowly using this method, but the sapphires born from these pairs are most likely better in quality. The same principle is applied to sapphire ebonies, but in addition I will use ebonies.

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